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Break away from your past and Transform into a fully empowered Leader of your Life.

Become a fully empowered Leader & Dynamic Success Generator with results that bring unstoppable accelerated financial flow, prosperity, and life fulfillment while reaching the highest potential of your human experience.


Break Through and experience a life beyond the way you are living and create a more meaningful, wholesome and thriving life in your career,  business, and in your relationships.

Create Permanent results in your Life

Step 1

Create a highly successful version of yourself, and build your ideal lifestyle, unstoppable mindset, unshakable beliefs, and positive habits that support it!

Learn and use the exact tools the successful people use to be unstoppable

Step 1

Learn to utilize the tools available to shift your mindset and fill the gaps with the missing mosaic pieces to overcome your limiting beliefs, limiting decisions, and learn how to step into your full empowerment.

Become successful in your business, career & personal life

Step 1

Learn and change your current strategies to get yourself 'unstuck" and free yourself from the negative cycle you're in. Break through Beyond your current vision of what you can be, do or have. Start embodying your Highest Potential.

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Receive 4 Internationally Recognized
BOARD CERTIFICATIONS: Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, NLP Coaching
(in any context of life), Time Line Therapy®️, and Hypnotherapy.

An 8 week, step-by-step system
of Sheer Transformation for visionary women who wish to create a Quantum
Shift in the Consciousness of humanity through the Evolution of their individual essence.

My name is Fruzsina. I came to Earth to become fully empowered and to make a positive shift in human consciousness on the planet!  I serve as a guide, Master Coach and Board Certified Trainer in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy®, ESP Instructor, Nutritional Therapist, avid Energy Worker, and, a passionate Warrior of Light, to all those who seek to become powerful influencers and wish to live a heart-centered, meaningful and fulfilled life. I am the founder of NLP Beyond Academy LLC and its growing heart-centered community of women who wish to reach their full potential and tap into their divine power through self-mastery.

My mission is to fully support you to become the catalyst of positive change that will lead you to limitless self-empowerment, abundance, financial prosperity and a purposeful life filled with meaningful relationships. Through this, together, we will inevitably generate a global shift in consciousness and create a better world in our own homes, communities, environment and on the planet.

You are Worth It!

I believe in you and your success. I believe you are a leader and influencer who can be the change we all want to see in this world. I believe you have unique gifts to offer to the world. You may not know this yet but your personal story of the past, your life experiences, and hardships are all part of you that serve as a foundational platform to create the life you’ve always wanted. No matter your past experiences, there is a reason you have come this far.  Now it is time to look Beyond the veil of a world you envision and experience it now, right now! I am here to guide you through the process and provide you all the tools you need, and more, for this lifetime and Beyond. Step into your greatness.


I worked with Fruzsina Varga,
she was brilliant! She is an exceptional teacher, very skilled, and highly knowledgeable.

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M. Perez

Reiki Healer

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to work with Fruzsina. I felt my mindset completely shift during and after each session and the biggest surprise was that things started to shift for the better, for the first time in my life.

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I had so much doubt of my own abilities and was skeptic of the live course and in just 3 days I discovered things about myself I was unaware of and my life started to shift immediately.

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S. Lee

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