You Are Worth It - 5 Day Challenge - DAY #3

Eliminating negative self talk -  Watch this video + please Read below

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Welcome to Day 3!

Did you do the 10 minute affirmation exercise yesterday? I hope you found them helpful. It's a powerful exercise and I highly suggest you practice. You can write different affirmations or ad to it and expand the 10 minute into 15 minutes or more if you feel it's needed. You'll see until something within you starts to shift. 

 And today we’re going to be talking about eliminating toxic negative self-talk. This is important.


Many people have their self-esteem sabotaged by unhealthy and negative self-talk. In fact, most of self talk in general, is garbage. 95% percent of a person's self talk is happening on the unconscious level, either worrying what could have been done better or about the future, something that didn't even happen yet. Well guess what. Your brain does not know the difference between what's imagined and what's real. So you have to watch your thoughts.  

You may have a soundtrack of negativity running through your mind throughout the one level or another.

I should be better. I shouldn’t have done that. No one likes me. I suck at my job. I’m never going to have happiness. I can't get into a good relationship.

This negative self-talk sucks you down and puts you under a dark cloud. It damages your self-esteem and causes you to dislike yourself especially on the unconscious level. And when this happens, your vision gets out of focus and the actions you take might not serve you on your highest level.

But here’s the thing.

The negative self-talk is something that can be learned from our environments, perhaps as you grew up you were told to think a certain way about money let's say. That you have to work hard for money? Or that you're not good enough to make it to the 6 figure level because you just don't have what it takes? None of this is true and so you need to stop it. Now. So Let's kill it with kindness. Because love evaporates everything that doesn't serve you. 

Today it’s time for positive self-talk to bloom in your life.


Today, pay close attention to the self-talk that goes on in your head. You may even want to keep a journal of sorts, making notes about the conversations running in your head.

Every time you become aware of negative self-talk, stop and write down the negative thoughts in your journal. Don’t be vague. Write down EXACTLY what’s going through your mind.

Then – and this is crucial – replace the negative self-talk with one of the affirmations from yesterday’s challenge, or, write a new, positive one instead. If you don't have a pen or paper just say it out loud 5 times and OWN it.

Your goal for the day is to have FIVE TIMES more positive self-talk than negative.

As you do this, you’ll be amazed at the effect is has on your day.

Remember to keep that log of your self-talk today!

Tomorrow we’re going to be talking about negative toxic relationships and how you can surround yourself with positive people.

Until then, please share one of the negative thoughts you encountered and what you replaced it with.


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