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What If You Could Learn to Use the Exact Tools Successful People Use To Become Unstoppable, Build a Thriving Business, Create a Wave of Positive Impact and Bring Harmony to Your Personal Life even in times of uncertainty...?

At NLP Beyond Academy, we are super exited to share with you this massive transformational opportunity that will empower you with effective tools and profound experiences in a way that enables you to rise from your past, shatter all of your limiting believes, let go of your negative emotions and turn your hidden limited thought patterns into positive outcomes you have always desired for yourself and others. 

We will share with you over 50 different techniques, strategies and mind-shifting, hands on exercises that will support you to finally permanently breakthrough your blocks and achieve self-mastery, while also acquiring your credentials to be able to help others as coaches, influencers and empowered business owners.
Imagine, the heights you can achieve in your personal and professional life as you create a massive impact with hundreds of thousands of people around globe!

We want to see you succeed so schedule a call with us to find out more!


NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) is a psychological and experiential approach that involves the key elements of modeling, action and effective communication in the process of pursuing desired outcomes in both personal and professional goals.

By analyzing the various strategies, through the process of NLP, participants discover the hidden thoughts, language and patters of behaviors that block the self from reaching specific outcomes and generate results. These deeply stored patterns are learned and embedded through past experiences and shape the reality of the individual.

NeuroLinguistic Programming Practitioners and Coaches work with people to find the underlying root causes of these thinking patters that are the launching points for most negative behavioral patterns and emotional states. Because NLP primary focus is generating results and positive outcomes, the NLP Practitioners help the individuals find and rediscover their inner strengths, skills and positive learnings that serve as a new platform in developing new strategies while eliminating the old, unproductive ones.

NLP approach generates rapid and permanent results as the bridge between the conscious and the unconscious mental processes is established and the awareness of the cognitive and behavioral patterns improves during the coaching sessions.

NeuroLinguistic Programming is widely used in the areas of Personal Development, Business and Corporate Management, Relationship Coaching, Career and Finance, Spiritual Counseling and Health.

The state-of-the-art techniques of NLP will teach you how to build your high-quality life by completely rewiring your mind while mastering the most innovative human development technologies to achieve the greatest goals and dreams in your personal and professional life you deserve.

What is Time Line Therapy®️?

Time Line Therapy®️ is a type of treatment NLP Coaches and Practitioners use as a way to help clients release negative internal programming patterns at the unconscious level. This includes but not limited to the five major negative emotions; anger, sadness, hurt, fear and guilt, as well as all limiting beliefs and limiting decisions that are stemming from a root cause of the individual’s past experience.

During Time Line Therapy®️ these internal patters are transformed and replaced by new, positive learnings, which then, the individual is able to preserve, embody and bring back to the present. The Time Line of the individual is created using imagination, and, it’s a form of representation of a visual photo album of past experiences as well as the future, projected events that the unconscious mind perceives in a unique way.

The Time Line Therapy® technique is a highly liberating experience as you move past all limiting beliefs and personal constrictions on your life. During the process, a person is guided to access specific memories at the unconscious level and learn how to disconnect from the negative feelings associated with those memories. Thus, their prior belief system, negative thought patterns and negative emotions dissipate and, are replaced by new, positive learnings, affirmations and beliefs that serve as a new foundation and driving fuel to a more enriched, fulfilled life.






6-Day Online LIVE NLP & Coaching Training

You’ll join the fully ONLINE and LIVE 6-Days Course created for aspiring movers and shakers, like you, so you’ll get REAL Life experience, instant feedback and support from the comfort and safety of your own home as we uncover some of the most powerful transformational tools of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy and Coaching together! 


Hypnotherapy Crash Online, Course

You’ll discover and experience the depth of your unconscious mind as we’ll dive into the Art of this modality that you can use easily to enrich your client’s coaching sessions with. 


NLP + Time Line Therapy ® Audio and Video Intro Course

You’ll join us online and receive LIFETIME Access with powerful influencers of our NLP Practitioner Training who understand that the core transformation from within results in the undeniable change in the outer world. You’ll embody the art Time Line Therapy® and concepts of NLP and feel confident in applying these skillsets when working with your clients. 


Breakthrough Success 
Coaching + NLP Practitioner 
Certification AND more! 

NLP Beyond Academy and Lea Institute provide internationally accepted, fully accredited NLP and Coaching Certifications, eligible for Board Certifications.  You’ll join us to receive 4 Certifications in NLP + Time Line Therapy®, Breakthrough Coaching, and Hypnotherapy 


Personalized 30 min 1:1 Coaching Call 

Upon completion of your training you’ll be able to schedule a 1:1 strategy session with us! 

Lifetime Support + EVOLving Unity of Community 

We are proud of our growing heart-centered community of the driven people who wish to reach their full potential and tap into their divine power through self-mastery. Together, we will surely generate a global shift in consciousness and create a better world in our own homes, communities, the environment, and the planet. 

Business 101 Mentorship 

Upon your successful completion of the Certification Training we further support you with an optional opportunity of a day-long basic business session. This day will be filled with business related tools and resources so you can easily find your niche, feel confident and launch your own coaching business while setting yourself up for success!  

3 Group Coaching Sessions

We offer 3 Pre-Study Group coaching sessions to further support you in solidifying your experience as a coach and NLP Practitioner. 

Yes, this is all part of your training! 

Enroll Today and Enrich Your Life! 

6 Days Online, Live Training 
NLP + Time Line Therapy® Audio, Video Course 
Hypnotherapy Crash Course 
NLP Practitioner, Breakthrough Success Coaching 
Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy Certificates 
Lifetime Support and access to materials
BONUS: Business 101 Mentorship Coaching Program


Here Is What People Have to Say About Us 

“Fruzsina is an amazing healer and coach! Throughout our sessions I started understanding myself clearly. She helped me find the core problems. It was quite interesting and very powerful. I released all my obstacles that was holding me back and I went full power to achieve my goals finally. Right away I started feeling powerful, happy, and persistent with everything. 

Even since my sessions with her I lost weight and kept it, I started dancing and exercising on a weekly basis, I doubled my income, and most importantly I love myself that led me found my fiancé.”

Aniko Sz. - Celebrity Hair Stylist

Step 1

“It's been amazing. Thank you so much for everything you've done for me and my family. My days are brighter.” 

K. SOUZA - Software Engineer 

"Your training is truly amazing!!! I had more break throughs than the past 30 years combined! Thank you so much for the experience!”  

N. JARON - web developer

“Diana helped me get over some personal hurdles before I could tap into my own true essence. With NLP, hypnosis and energy work we quickly moved through barriers to get to the blocked parts of my potential that were hampered by anger and frustration. Once we moved through these negative fields, we focused on the values exercise, which showed me my motivations and passions in a methodical way, which is how my mind works, in order to tap into my goals and priorities. I love her diverse practices, as well as how impactful they were.”

S. STEELE - Creative Director @temmemedia

“Great question on life. Life couldn't have been better has turned complete 180 since we met two years ago. All thanks to you and your transforming me in many ways.”

D. MAJMUDAR - IT Specialist 

“The space of trust created by Diana during the session allowed me to have insights into my own internal tumult and identify the questions 

I must ask myself in order to bring back the needed clarity. Diana's presence and practice has depth allowing one to find the way back to an essence from which one's pathway can be reconfigured back into a natural flow. Diana made sure I was doing ok days after the session ended, maintaining her focus and commitment to the process, which I am deeply grateful for. Thanks to her I gained back my rhythm.” 

A. IONESCU - Scientist 


Imagine Having Everything you Need for Your Personal and Professional Life, Finances, Health and Relationships
to Improve and Thrive without feeling overwhelmed and filled with self-doubt...

During This Accelerated, Interactive Live, Fully Online training you will learn and experience...

choose your image

       PLUS: The Ultimate Business 101 Launch Kit" includes

How to choose your niche
Ways to market your business
The “HeArt” of Networking
Basic steps you need to set up your business
How to set up Joint Ventures
Create and launch your business in less than 30 days 


We joyfully join our Lights to fully support you to reignite your Inner spark of Life and become fully empowered influencers and catalysts of positive change that will inevitably lead you to limitless self-empowerment, abundance, financial prosperity and a purposeful life filled with meaningful, quality relationships.

We believe in you and your success and are here to support you fully and completely so that you can “Be the change, you want to see in the world” (Gandhi)

We wholeheartedly welcome you and looking forward to your achievements!




How is this training different from others?

Some NLP trainings can be delivered very dry, filled with theory. And while you’ll learn all of the necessary NLP concepts at the Practitioner level, you’ll be immersed in a highly interactive learning experience and will participate in all exercises, role-plays and activities that will enable you to gain immediate real knowledge and profound understanding of the content at the core. You’ll learn the step-by-step procedure of undeniable positive transformation that will bring the desired results for yourself, career, relationships, health, financial wealth and, even spirituality. And the most rewarding part is that you’ll be able to do the same for others.

Can I miss any portion of the training?

In order to comply with the Board, you’ll need to participate in all exercises and complete all the required hours. If for whatever reason you miss a part of your training, you’ll need to make up the time in order to be eligible to apply and receive the 4 Internationally recognized Board Certifications in NLP coaching, Time Line Therapy®️ and NLP Practitioner Certification and Hypnotherapy through NLP Beyond Academy.

What Certifications do I get?

You will receive your certification of completion from NLP Beyond Academy LLC, which makes you eligible to obtain your Board Certifications after application. You will need to submit your separate application at the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic
Programming and The American Board of Hypnotherapy in order to be listed as a Board Certified Practitioner of NLP, NLP Coach and, Hypnotherapist. 

In order to become Certified and gain mastery you need to block off your time completely
for the time of the training. Prioritize!

What happens after the certification program is over?

It’s really up to you where you take the skills and the powerful tools you’ll learn. You’ll receive tremendous amount of positive resources through the training as well as you’ll be invited to become a member of our private Facebook group where you’ll receive further resources, continuous live support, mini trainings and active challenges to get your business up and running. At NLP Beyond Academy our goal is to give you all tools, skills and resources you need to become the BEST Version of yourself, the best coach and be able to actively utilize what you’ll learn in any context of your life, and, help others do the same if you wish.

Do You Want to Make This World a Better Place?

We believe in you and your success. We believe you are a leader, an influencer who can be the change we all want to see in this world. We believe you have unique gifts to offer to the world. You may not know this yet but your personal story of the past, your life experiences, hardships are all part of you that serve as a foundational platform to create the life you’ve always wanted. No matter what you went through, there is a reason you are here, now…where you not only can look Beyond the veil of a world you want to create but you can also experience it now, full on. We are here to guide you through every step of the way. 

Achieve Success Now! 
Be Confident and make a meaningful impact in your life and in others!

Upon completing our 4-day, LIVE Certification Course you WILL receive





Save your seat for your Live, Online
NLP Certification Training!

The accelerated Neuro-linguistic programming certification course is beyond a regular coaching certification. This science-based program has decades of research behind it, providing the most effective tools that will enable you to be a sought-out professional NLP coach, practioner hypnotherapist and more.

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