Transform ∞ Create ∞ Live 


  Be Empowered, Do Anything, Have it All


12+ Months Connection

12 monthly, invaluable Live, online deep, soul-diving workshop experiences. Participate from anywhere in the world; + weekly inspirations, 24/7 email support from Fruzsina

50+ Keys

Over 50+ Different, Soul-Strengthening, Self-Growth-Promoting Exercises in addition to powerful keys to support your healing, inner harmony and alignment to create and manifest

Invaluable CommUnity

12 Months of deep Mental Detox and massive Action Taking in a judgment-free, inspiring online group of like-minded divine-feminine energies rooted in the fundation of Love, compassion and peace

12 months of Accountability

Clarity to declare and create your action steps and to achieve your goals and desired outcomes you set for yourself. 

We will be here to help keeping you focused, motivated and in the flow of your Divine Power - we will be holding you accountable for your actions, and, celebrate your successes

Undeniable Experience

We will apply the mental tools and techniques; you will have a full body experience through your physical and spiritual senses, rewire your brain, clear your mind, rejuvenate your energy and shift your life towards the direction of your choice 

Experience Your Fresh, Free and Fantastic Self at a deeper layers of your soul; empowering dialogues; T.H.R.I.V.E. Method 

Glorious Shine

You will tune in, Realign with, and Radiate the frequency of your Highest, Divine-Self so you can live joyfully with purpose,  manifest all that you want and consciously create your reality, free of the heavy chains of the past. You will be in alignment, stay in the now and follow the path of the Millennial Goddess that you are.  

Unleash your Goddess within

Uncover your Soul. Drop the veils and express the Woman you've been hiding for a lifetime... 

Empower. Inspire. Love. Trust. Grow. 

  Shine. Lead. Give. Create. Unite. Aspire. 

   Believe. Smile. Go. Say. Do. BE.YOU.

Step into

12 Months of deep dive into your Soul. 12 Months of Inner Metamorphosis

12 Months of Unity, Cohesive Support

The Visionary's Path

- Dive deep into the understanding of the nature of your soul, the power of your mind 

- Realign with your inner Spirit and step into In-Spiration 

- Plan and create your sacred journey, goals and outcomes

- Detox your mind to create more space for the flow of the abundant, infinite Divine Light Source fueling your innate fire that meant to shine

The Quantum Leap Path 

- Understand trauma, your emotions and make the unconscious conscious  

- Detox on both the emotional and the mental plane

- Rewire your neuro-pathways and gain new insights into your eternal, God-given power 

- Collaps time and create your dreams inspired by the Silva Method 

- Shifting Consciousness above the Matrix; bring your thoughts into the physical plane

The Path of the Millennial Goddess 

- Align and focus, make space for clarity and joy

- Empower thyself, become fearless, balanced, a forward thinker, seer, feeler genious

- Become a Satisfied Creator of the extraordinary life you deserve 

- Align with your inner wisdom, live with purpose, meaning and intention

- Receive and continuously see, hear and feel your guidance system 


- upgrade to the next level version of yourself 

- manifest anything and everything according to your highest, best version of yourself

- enrich your life experiences, vibe on the highest level

- Showcase your ideas, goals and dreams manifested 

- handle anything that comes in your way effortlessly, cool, calm and collected

- increase your income flow and develop your CEO mindset

...and much more!


Transformational Months


Self-Mastery Exercises


Monthly Support

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Walk YOUR Path

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Create YOUR world

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Fix YOUR Crown

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Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

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